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An Honor & a Privilege  

I discovered my debut album From the Soles was on the ballot for D.C. WAMA (Washington Area Music Association)  Best Contemporary Folk Recording from 2013!

Recording at Bias Studios with master recording engineer, Bob Dawson, and producer Jon Carroll, was a treasured experience for me. Dan Hovey, Paul Langosh, and John Thomakos came together and brought the songs life. Special guests Ron Holloway & Hunter Wolfe added great soul, as did Graham Breedlove's trumpet and flugelhorn solos.

The back of the album has where each song was written. You can hear all of the tracks on SOUNDCLOUD or BANDCAMP.

Argentinian videographer Carolina Contreras, supervised by Melvin Brown, prepared this behind the scenes video.

Fly has been the most popular track to date, but a new video for It Didn't Matter Babe, featuring Jon Carroll, Ron Holloway, and Bruce Middle will be released in February 2014.

I am honored to even be nominated and it has been a privilege to record with such hearts and talent.

There are some great artists on the ballot! Congrats and Much, much love and blessings to all! <3 <3 <3